Dallas Hartwig was featured on the cover of Experience Life magazine and has appeared on a variety of national television shows. He is available for speaking opportunities and interviews. For inquiries, use the contact form below.

Dallas Hartwig co-founded Whole9 and the Whole30 program in 2009. He is a functional medicine practitioner, Certified Sports Nutritionist, and licensed physical therapist who specializes in treating lifestyle-related hormonal, digestive, and metabolic health issues. He is the New York Times bestselling co-author of The Whole30 and It Starts With Food. In 2012, he founded his functional medicine practice, mentoring under Dr. Daniel Kalish and enrolling in the Institute for Functional Medicine‘s certification program. 

Dallas is on the Advisory Board for Paleo f(x) and Fitwall, and on the Board of Editors and Reviewers for the International Journal of Human Nutrition and Functional Medicine.

In his free time, Dallas rides his motorcycles, snowboards and mountain bikes, and travels. He lives in Salt Lake City, UT with his son.