• Our Bodies Never Lie – Podcast with Mark Groves

    My dear friend, Mark Groves ( @createthelove ), has a new podcast, and I’m honoured to be his first guest.

    We chat about everything from Mark’s first Whole30 experience and how parenting makes you a better human to the distinction between sex and sexual […]

  • The Opposite of Pride is Not Shame

    The opposite of pride is not shame.

    Pride is knowing your strengths, and humility is knowing your weaknesses.

    I’ve been doing a lot of thinking about this recently.

    I’ve been accused many times in my life of being arrogant or prideful, but prideful […]

  • MSLM 24 Hour Challenge – World Mental Health Day

    Today, let’s use media to raise awareness for #WorldMentalHealthDay.

    Tomorrow, let’s practice #MoreSocialLessMedia and take a 24 hour break from ALL media to connect with our selves, our environments, and our closest people.

    No social media. No podcasts. No TV.  No YouTube. […]

  • Nourishment vs. Doughnuts, Orgasms, and Facebook Likes

    Choosing nourishment over the fleeting pleasure of doughnuts, orgasms, and Facebook ‘likes’ in a society that runs on junk-food connections is a challenge for all of us.

    Humans have basic needs: food, water, sleep, sex, safety from physical or psychological harm.

    We […]

  • What I found in 24 hours with no media

    I’m back from my 24 hours with no media.

    My intention was to create some headspace to be more present to the world around me. Rather than being perpetually bombarded by the external stimuli of social media, podcasts, or even music, […]

  • Your More Social Less Media 24 Hour Challenge

    Take the More Social Less Media Challenge — go 24 hours without any media.

    No social media. No podcasts. No TV.  No YouTube. No news. No Netflix. No Music.

    Just you, your environment, the people in your life, and your sense of purpose.

    Email and […]

  • You don’t need to “look good for” anyone

    Warning: rant ahead. It contains opinions, emotions and expletives.

    Some time ago, I made a mistake and scrolled through my Facebook feed, stopping to read a post with an odd picture below it.

    One of my professional contacts had posted a picture […]

  • I have anxiety. Yeah, me.

    [deep breath, long pause]

    I have anxiety. Yeah, me, Dallas Hartwig.

    This has been a really tough thing for me to admit, since I have  — for most of my life, anyway — self-identified as a really level-headed, easygoing, and resilient man.

    For the […]