• You don’t need to “look good for” anyone

    Warning: rant ahead. It contains opinions, emotions and expletives.

    Some time ago, I made a mistake and scrolled through my Facebook feed, stopping to read a post with an odd picture below it.

    One of my professional contacts had posted a picture […]

  • I have anxiety. Yeah, me.

    [deep breath, long pause]

    I have anxiety. Yeah, me, Dallas Hartwig.

    This has been a really tough thing for me to admit, since I have  — for most of my life, anyway — self-identified as a really level-headed, easygoing, and resilient man.

    For the […]

  • The meaning of life isn’t to be happy, it’s…

    It’s a much bigger landscape than happiness.

    And the road to it starts with connection.

    In general, I don’t like posting pictures of myself, and the idea of actually posting this picture seemed ridiculous… until I realised that this was not attention-seeking […]

  • Important Reminder: There is No Cliff!

    I need reminders sometimes.

    I manage to forget even radically transformative ideas and need a nudge back on track occasionally (like, say, maybe… hourly).

    I’ve recently had several unsettling and powerful (and entirely unsolicited) conversations where I’m left with the distinct sensation […]

  • Change Your Environment, Change Your Behavior

    So, here we are – Spring 2018. Time to make some sweeping life changes for the year, again. 

    You know, things like…

    “I’m going to stop doing <something>.”

    “I’m going to start doing <something>.”

    “I’m going to do more of this and less of […]

  • You Won’t Find Your Tribe

    You won’t find your tribe.

    There isn’t a ready-made group of people out there waiting for you.

    You have to grow a tribe yourself.

    One person at a time.
    We often confuse communities with tribes.
    There are many communities centered around a shared common […]