• My Son Wants an iPad …

    The optimistic opener: my son, almost 6, wants to be a vet when he grows up.

    The downturn at the end: his “one wish” is for an iPad on the weeks that he spends with me. (The backstory: it’s his birthday […]

  • Let’s change the way we respond to pain

    “Let the pain make you a leader, not a monster.” —Sunil Sindhwani

    When we get hurt, we so often respond out of self-protection, fear, vengeance, and pure impulse, rather than slowing down to notice that we’ve been hurt, validating our own […]

  • Step forward. Good, now keep moving.

    Most people’s lives are a hodgepodge of their parents’ ideas, the distorted beliefs of a hollow and profoundly malnourished society, and their own good, but misguided intentions.

    That hodgepodge—the soup we call “normal life”—tastes awful but we rarely say that out […]

  • I Feel Hopeful About the Future

    Hope is the way through the narrow gate.

    I’m a skeptic, and I’m skeptical of myself, too.

    I think that’s a good thing.

    I don’t believe everything I think.

    But sometimes in life, it’s hard to know what to think, or what to believe, […]

  • 2018 Has Been a Weird, Weird Year…

    2018 has been a weird, weird year for me.

    I’ve been overwhelmed, discouraged, and disoriented for most of it.

    I’ve been absent for many of my friends, and I’ve learned hard, hard lessons with my partner.

    I’m meditating a lot, which I’m finding […]

  • We Have No Idea What Other People Want

    We spend so much time trying to direct how other people experience their lives.

    It’s as if we hike up to an icy mountain lake and say, “Poor cold lake… I’m sure you want to warm up. I’m sure you want […]

  • Our Bodies Never Lie – Podcast with Mark Groves

    My dear friend, Mark Groves ( @createthelove ), has a new podcast, and I’m honoured to be his first guest.

    We chat about everything from Mark’s first Whole30 experience and how parenting makes you a better human to the distinction between sex and sexual […]