Your More Social Less Media Challenge

Take the More Social Less Media Challenge — go 24 hours without any media.

No social media. No podcasts. No TV.  No YouTube. No news. No Netflix. 

Just you, your environment, the people in your life, and your sense of purpose.

It’s only 24 hours.

Think you can do it?

Your More Social Less Media Challenge

  • Go 24 hours without ANY media
  • Connect with yourself, your environment, and people
  • Come back online and share your experience with #moresociallessmedia

I’m starting my challenge tomorrow morning.

Join me?

Sign up below and get a free day of the MSLM program to help you through 24 hours without media. 



Or go cold turkey and take the challenge without any help.

Share this blog post with a friend you want to take the challenge.

It’ll be easier with someone you can talk to.


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  • Cassie

    I’m IN!

  • joe wilson

    This is a very good idea, thanks

  • joe wilson

    Hope this takes root.

  • Jennifer

    Are books included? They’re media in a sense, but also not if that makes sense.

  • Chelsea Jones

    Doing this tomorrow with my children.

  • Dave Hornbeck

    This is too easy. I’ve dropped all of my social media sites except for LinkedIn, have no TV subscription, and spend zero time on YouTube, podcasts, etc. If I can keep from automatically turning on NPR first thing in the morning, I’ll have it made.

  • La Chiel

    I love it… hope it takes root.

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