More Social Less Media


We all know something is wrong.

We reach for our phones impulsively many times per hour. We’re distracted all day by beeps and dings. We’re “connected” to hundreds of “friends,” but we still feel isolated and lonely.

You know how this feels. You even might have read articles or books with startling statistics about how our addiction to technology is affecting our health and relationships.

More Social Less Media - Man in Bed With Smartphone

But, what can you do about it?

The solution is not to permanently avoid all media and digital technology, but to focus on prioritizing meaningful social interactions and to reassess the way you consume digital media. The addition of quality time with people is just as important as the reduction of distracting devices.

More Social Less Media is a four-week program that helps you assess your current relationship with technology and create more space for enriching, in-person social interactions.

The guidelines focus on helping you disconnect from media, in order to reconnect with people around you.

Whether you feel deeply lonely or just more distracted than you feel comfortable with, this program can help you become more self-aware while improving your health and relationships.

The program is currently available for free to everyone.

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