Speaking Topics

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Nutrition and Stress

We all know that food choices matter for our long-term health, but what is much less clear is how stress affects those food choices. In this lecture, Dallas explains how stress and food are intricately linked, and how you can break the vicious cycle of food cravings, overeating, and uncontrollable stress without caloric restriction.

More Social Less Media

Despite our constant opportunity for connection with others via the internet, more people are lonely and socially isolated than ever before. Addiction to social media and video games is on the rise, and no one seems to have clear answers on how to reconnect with each other in meaningful ways. More Social Less Media is central to Dallas’s campaign to facilitate engaging human connection while recalibrating our relationships with screen-based entertainment.

Disconnect To Reconnect

While the internet gives us incredible opportunities to instantly connect with people worldwide, it also erodes our ability to connect meaningfully without distractions and “FOMO”. In this presentation, Dallas discusses how disconnecting from aspects of the internet and social media can actually powerfully reconnect us with our local communities and most impactful people. He also outlines a plan to examine your closest relationships and identify which ones should take the highest priority when we are limited by the resources of time and emotional energy.

People Are Medicine

It has long been recognized that human connections, especially through face-to-face communication and physical contact, are powerful influences on long-term health and quality of life. What is becoming more well understood is how that happens, and what we can do to design our lives to include more of these positive inputs. Dallas will discuss how human connection influences our overall health, and he’ll outline how to restructure your life to improve your health and happiness simply by connecting more meaningfully with other people (hint: it’s not through social media).