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  • Welcome to Winter solstice 2019

    Humans have celebrated this dark day with gathering together, warm fires, and feasts for millennia. But, in recent history our culture got so focused on all the holiday stress that it’s easy to forget what really matters—connection. 

    For us to gather in the darkness is about more than shiny symbols. We’re helping each other feel safe,…

  • The Cultural Landscape of Trauma

    In this episode of The Living Experiment, Pilar interviews a special guest — clinical therapist and author Resmaa Menakem.

    They talk about the broad and vitally important, social and racial landscape of trauma — from the effect it has on us as individuals to the impact it has on our communities and society.…

  • My New Book available for preorder! The 4 Season Solution

    I’m absolutely thrilled to give you a look at my new book, The 4 Season Solution!

    This project represents nearly a decade of researching, pondering, experimenting, and now, finally sharing my paradigm for living well.

    While it’s deeply steeped in evolutionary biology and human physiology, it’s written as a practical and readable plan that you can immediately…

  • How We See the World – The Living Experiment Podcast – Episode 84

    The world seems beyond repair sometimes.

    But, is it really?

    We don’t feel like we can change the big picture.

    Global warming. War. Poverty.

    And maybe we can’t “save” the world.

    But, we can change how we see the world and that lets us decide how to interact with it — without shutting down and ignoring our potential for impact.

    Especially in…

  • What to do about Anxiety!? – Living Experiment Podcast

    Anxiety affects tens of millions of people, leaving them rattled by intrusive thoughts and worries – sometimes to a disabling degree.

    Anxiety has now surpassed depression as America’s number one mental health disorder.

    Pilar and Dallas use the first episode of Season 8 to talk about what you can do about it.

    From simple self-calming techniques…