4 Keys

  • My New Book available for preorder! The 4 Season Solution

    I’m absolutely thrilled to give you a look at my new book, The 4 Season Solution!

    This project represents nearly a decade of researching, pondering, experimenting, and now, finally sharing my paradigm for living well.

    While it’s deeply steeped in evolutionary biology and human physiology, it’s written as a practical and readable plan that you can immediately…

  • Here’s what you can expect from me

    These days, almost every time I post something on Instagram, I lose followers. Sometimes, a hundred at a time.

    I imagine that’s because the kind of ideas I’m sharing don’t match what those particular people wanted and expected from me.

    Most people think of me as the guy who co-founded the Whole30 program, who created the…

  • Our Bodies Never Lie – Podcast with Mark Groves

    My dear friend, Mark Groves ( @createthelove ), has a new podcast, and I’m honoured to be his first guest.

    We chat about everything from Mark’s first Whole30 experience and how parenting makes you a better human to the distinction between sex and sexual intimacy.

    And through it all, we have a great conversation on why we finally decide to…

  • How to Make Disease Disappear – New Book by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

    Dr. Rangan Chatterjee knows how to make disease disappear.

    Not with magic, but with practical and life-changing methods everyone can benefit from — long before we ever end up with Type 2 Diabetes, Depression, Alzheimer’s and other debilitating chronic diseases.

    His 4 Pillar Plan (outlined in this new book) is based on food, relaxation, sleep, and movement.

    Sound familiar?

    My 4…

  • Let’s Be More Social – Make Room for Prosocial Behaviors

    Per usual, these posts need to rattle around inside my skull for days/weeks/years before I am able to make the connection between thoughts, feelings, and my motor cortex allowing me to put literal pen to paper.

    What consistently turns these thoughts into actions is generally some type of environmental trigger, like the one I am…

  • Please Don’t “Just Move More” – 4 Keys to Living Better

    Whenever I write or speak about movement, fitness, exercise, etc., I want to rebel against the common refrain, “just move more.”

    On the one hand, at a wide population level, it’s solid advice. Lots of people just need to move, period.

    But on the other, especially when applied to individuals, it entirely misses the point that…

  • (I Won’t Tell You) What You Should Eat – 4 Keys to Living Better

    There’s a saying that you should never discuss religion or politics in polite company. To that, I’d like to add “what you should eat.”

    Indeed, few other topics in human health can lead to such polarized and tribal viewpoints, expressed so vehemently.

    In many ways, what we eat represents both the religion and politics of human health,…

  • Why Sleep Matters – 4 Keys to Living Better

    Sleep. Eat. Move. Connect.

    I know.

    Sleep comes first — Eat comes second. And that looks different than It Starts with Food (a book that my name is on the cover of). 

    But putting sleep first on a list does not mean that the others aren’t important.

    Diet is vital for everyone. Thousands have even improved their sleep simply…

  • 9 Factors into 4 Keys to Living Better

    2009 saw the launch of Whole 9 and first iteration of Whole 9 Factors for improving health and wellbeing. Today, I’m introducing my 4 Keys to living better.

    I’ve spent the last 8 years looking for ways to simplify these 9 Factors you may recognize:

    Fun & Play
    Stress Management
    Natural Environments