• 1 Million+ podcast downloads for The Living Experiment!

    We just crossed a million downloads for the Living Experiment Podcast.Thank you for listening if you had the chance. And if you didn’t know I had a podcast, well, there’s a lot of episodes waiting for you.Pilar Gerasimo and I met in-person for 10 seasons to have these no-BS conversations about healthy, happy, conscious living.…

  • (I Won’t Tell You) What You Should Eat – 4 Keys to Living Better

    There’s a saying that you should never discuss religion or politics in polite company. To that, I’d like to add “what you should eat.”

    Indeed, few other topics in human health can lead to such polarized and tribal viewpoints, expressed so vehemently.

    In many ways, what we eat represents both the religion and politics of human health,…