• (I Won’t Tell You) What You Should Eat – 4 Keys to Living Better

    There’s a saying that you should never discuss religion or politics in polite company. To that, I’d like to add “what you should eat.”

    Indeed, few other topics in human health can lead to such polarized and tribal viewpoints, expressed so vehemently.

    In many ways, what we eat represents both the religion and politics of human health,…

  • Bone Broth, Shame, And Book Sales

    Shaming is a rotten way to sell things.

    Well, I take that back. It’s actually a spectacular way to sell things, and it’s a well-proven marketing strategy. Preying on people’s fears and insecurities by reminding them of undesirable physical traits makes diet authors, trainers, bloggers and self-styled gurus rich all the time. But I’ll be damned…