• Our Bodies Never Lie – Podcast with Mark Groves

    My dear friend, Mark Groves ( @createthelove ), has a new podcast, and I’m honoured to be his first guest.

    We chat about everything from Mark’s first Whole30 experience and how parenting makes you a better human to the distinction between sex and sexual intimacy.

    And through it all, we have a great conversation on why we finally decide to…

  • Go Fast, Don’t Die … On “Getting Away” with Things

    While making tea for my son this morning in the still-dark hours, I poured hot water into a mug that, last year, I had stuck a sticker onto that read “Go Fast, Don’t Die”.

    At the time, it was a tongue-in-cheek reference to the joy I experience with velocity: I ride motorcycles, I moved to Salt Lake…