• The clocks “sprang forward” … now what?

    Ahh, the time change… In areas that participate in “daylight saving time”, that means that we effectively give ourselves an hour of jet lag. (Jet jag is that unpleasant experience when we fly to a different time zone and have a temporary mismatch between the natural light/dark cycle and our body’s internal circadian clocks.)


  • How’s Your 2020 so Far: Inspired or Tired?

    We’re almost a full month into 2020, how’s it going?

    Inspired? Overwhelmed? Tired?

    All of these are possible right now. The New Year is a strange paradox. All the work we put on hold for the holidays rushes back to demand our attention. We feel pressure to catch up at work, dream up new life goals,…

  • Do your work and stop throwing elbows

    When we are fast asleep, we are generally placid, perhaps even completely still and silent.

    If our dream starts to collapse, or we are subtly or substantially bumped towards waking, we might start to stir, or even thrash wildly about. We roll over in bed, throwing figurative elbows at our partner or child or best friend.…

  • 1 Million+ podcast downloads for The Living Experiment!

    We just crossed a million downloads for the Living Experiment Podcast.Thank you for listening if you had the chance. And if you didn’t know I had a podcast, well, there’s a lot of episodes waiting for you.Pilar Gerasimo and I met in-person for 10 seasons to have these no-BS conversations about healthy, happy, conscious living.…

  • How to Make Disease Disappear – New Book by Dr. Rangan Chatterjee

    Dr. Rangan Chatterjee knows how to make disease disappear.

    Not with magic, but with practical and life-changing methods everyone can benefit from — long before we ever end up with Type 2 Diabetes, Depression, Alzheimer’s and other debilitating chronic diseases.

    His 4 Pillar Plan (outlined in this new book) is based on food, relaxation, sleep, and movement.

    Sound familiar?

    My 4…

  • Why Sleep Matters – 4 Keys to Living Better

    Sleep. Eat. Move. Connect.

    I know.

    Sleep comes first — Eat comes second. And that looks different than It Starts with Food (a book that my name is on the cover of). 

    But putting sleep first on a list does not mean that the others aren’t important.

    Diet is vital for everyone. Thousands have even improved their sleep simply…