Childless by Choice – The Living Experiment Podcast – Episode 91

Maybe you have kids; maybe you don’t.

Maybe you plan to become a parent; maybe not.

That decision is a highly personal one.

It’s also one of those choices that a lot of other people tend to have opinions about.

For example, Pope Francis declared that being able to reproduce but choosing not to is selfish and sinful.

Meanwhile, there are surprising environmental impacts of having fewer children (or not having them at all).

And the statistical reality is … choosing not to have kids is becoming an increasingly popular choice.

So here, we unpack the reasons that an increasing number of people are choosing not to have children, and why judging any other person’s choice is probably not a great use of your energy, emotion, or time.

Listen to “Childless by Choice” – Episode 91 of the Living Experiment Podcast


Welcome to Season 10 of The Living Experiment.

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