Fall – It’s Time to Slow Down

Monday (Sept. 23) was one of the most important days of the year (but not because it’s the day before my birthday).

Monday was the first day of fall, and that matters – a lot – because fall is, symbolically speaking, a directional change from the expansion, stimulation, and resultant exhaustion of a long, bright summertime.

You know that feeling.

You also know the yearning for restoration, for peace, and for reconnection.

Whether you need to take care of your bruised and battered body, your bruised and battered heart, or your bruised and battered relationships, you probably sense the opportunity to heal and settle and breathe more deeply as we move into the fall season.

The themes of fall are so important that I concentrated the most life-changing ideas in my upcoming book, The 4 Season Solution, around the discussion of moving out of a chronic, unbalanced summer into a slower, more restorative fall.

Fall is a downshift of sorts, but you don’t have to radically overhaul your life to gain some of the benefits of living in a more cyclical, balanced way.

There’s one simple thing you can do right now — recognise there was a change and that you can slow down.

Simply recognising – like I am doing today – that I need to take my foot off the gas is the perfect way to start shifting out of “go mode” into a more restorative, sustainable, and joyful way of living.

Who’s into THAT?


What are some of your favorite ways to slow down and enjoy the fall?

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  • Katrina

    Food is cooked slower, roasts in heavy dutch ovens. Slower, restorative walks with the kids instead of pushing myself to go further. The garden is winding down and needs cleaning up.
    And each year there comes a day where I suddenly want to start crocheting and quilting again.

  • Diana

    I live off grid in AK in the woods, so very aware of the changing seasons and how life responds (each in their own way: trees, squirrels, moose, humans, etc). My favorite time of the year is fall – although, it is not a slowing down yet, winter preparations really need to be done. Winter is my slow down – love it (second favorite season). Dallas, I ordered your book – I have always believed the season are key to living happy, healthy, and at peace.

  • Tara

    In the fall I begin to withdraw into myself a little without realizing it. I clear out clutter in my home in preparation for a long winter. I meal plan and cook nourishing and warm dinners. I enjoy hikes and long walks to listen to the rustling leaves and to feel the crisp cool breeze on my face. The sunshine is amazing in the Northeast in Fall, the angle of light is somehow cozier. The leaves are so brilliant and beautiful that one can´t help but to be present and take it all in. I begin to ground myself more. Spend more time alone since the children are back to school. Spend more restorative time in saunas after workouts and take care of my own wellbeing much more. I go to bed earlier. I crave more free time to reconnect with my husband and children after a crazy summer of fun and resist committing to too many activities. Fall is so much more intimate, and the best of both worlds: the coziness of winter and the active outdoor opportunities of the summer and still warm days. To me the shift is like coming home after a long trip.

    • Dallas Hartwig

      Yes! In my upcoming book, I write a bit about “home and away” feelings, and fall is definitely a returning home feeling.

      • Tara

        Great! I loved your podcast episode about Seasons, and have already pre-ordered your book! I look forward to diving more into the seasonal way of living. Especially given that I have a tendency to experience Seasonal Affective Disorder a bit.

  • Kaitlyn C

    September 23rd happens to be my birthday (so I’m biased) but still fully acknowledge the equinox as its own profound reason to reflect. I love sitting outside and taking in the audible quiet or creating a reading list to work through during the rainy months.

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