How We See the World – The Living Experiment Podcast – Episode 84

The world seems beyond repair sometimes.

But, is it really?

We don’t feel like we can change the big picture.

Global warming. War. Poverty.

And maybe we can’t “save” the world.

But, we can change how we see the world and that lets us decide how to interact with it — without shutting down and ignoring our potential for impact.

Especially in our everyday lives and local communities.

This episode started out as an answer to a listener question — and then morphed, evolving into a big rambling conversation about hope and doubt, energy and attention, agency and activism, and more.

If you want an inside look at how Pilar Gerasimo and I use our worldviews to navigate messy aspects of the modern world, listen to Episode 84 of The Living Experiment – How We See The World.

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