How’s Your 2020 so Far: Inspired or Tired?

We’re almost a full month into 2020, how’s it going?

Inspired? Overwhelmed? Tired?

All of these are possible right now. The New Year is a strange paradox. All the work we put on hold for the holidays rushes back to demand our attention. We feel pressure to catch up at work, dream up new life goals, and improve ourselves all at once.

All of a sudden we find ourselves back to the chronic summer pace of the modern world, and it can feel really exhausting. It’s not because you’re not good enough, or inspired enough, or strong enough – it’s still the middle of winter in the northern hemisphere and close to the darkest time of the year.
So don’t get down on yourself for being too exhausted to achieve all your new goals (or keep up with your old ones). In fact, it’s a useful signal. Prioritizing sleep is arguably one of the most effective things you can do right now.

“Just get more sleep.”

Easy to say, but it can be incredibly hard to do (Americans are predicted to spend $52 million on sleep aids in 2020). And, even though getting better sleep is a complex topic I cover in my new book, there’s one thing you can do tonight to move toward better sleep.

Avoid things like social media, psychological thrillers on Netflix, and work email for at least one hour before bedtime. Why? Besides the emotional stimulation that can and will keep you up, it’s all about adjusting your exposure to light.

You know when you’re watching videos before bed, get sleepy, turn them off, and then can’t sleep when you feel like you should be able to?

That’s because your body is stuck between nighttime and daytime physiology. And it’s that innocent-looking light from your screen that keeps you away from the restful realm of the darkness hormone, melatonin.
So instead of giving your body time to transition or fall into sleep, you might watch more eat a bowl of ice cream or scroll on your phone. And the late nights and grinding mornings continue…

It’s still winter, friends. You might have dreams to manifest, but first… you have to sleep.

I’m curious, what helps you fall asleep?

PS You can pre-order my new book, The 4 Season Solution, here.

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  • Sarah Jenkins

    I like to have a warm bath, a herbal night-time tea and a little bit of reading. If I still can’t sleep once the lights are out, I consciously go through each part of my body, telling it to relax and let go. That and cuddling up with my other half!

  • Ben Tackett

    Connection with my physical body!

    Taking a minute to breathe, still my mind, access a calmer state, and ask my body how it’s feeling. When I actually take a moment to listen – even just 30-60 seconds for this routine – I find it is communicating that it’s ready for rest, I just have to listen.

    When I realize that’s actually what my body is asking for, it becomes so much easier to make a conscious choice about sleep.

  • Leah

    I like to take a nice warm bath and listen to an audiobook. I sometimes even fall asleep in the tub! I also have a infrared sauna box that is great for the winter and listen to an audiobook or I can listen to relaxing music if I just want to veg. I like to listen to books that are usually health realted or inspirational like being grateful or how to increase the joy in your life etc….

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