I’m Tired of Texting

There, I said it: I’m tired of texting. I have a wonderful group of friends, some of whom are spread all over the world, and some of whom live close to me. The world is pretty crazy these days. Everyone is busy, and when I ask someone how they are, most respond with “so busy.” I’ve definitely been guilty of responding that way, too, but I think it’s a total throwaway answer. I get it, you’re busy. So am I. And that is starting to grate on me.

It’s starting to grate on me because, despite “keeping in touch” with some really amazing people, I need more in-person, face-to-face connection. In a discussion earlier this year, some of my closest friends made the case that “quality time” was one of my Love Languages, and I think that they are right. I came to this conclusion by noting how much internal friction is generated when I can’t seem to get some face time (not FaceTime!) with people that matter to me. Said another way, simply keeping in touch via text doesn’t feel like our humanity is being valued.

Now, I’m just as guilty as anyone else of being busy and often defaulting to communicating via text…but I’m developing an intolerance to that. Maybe it’s Digital Intolerance Syndrome (not a real thing, but maybe it should be). Whatever it is, I’m getting burnt out on communicating via alphanumeric characters delivered on an LCD screen. I want to communicate with lingering hugs and home-cooked meals and the wrinkles at the corner of my eye when I’m being mischievous. I bet I’m not the only one. As I say: more social, less media.

Original art by Matthew Zaremba.

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  • Diana

    Quality time is my love language too. Social media grates me too. I use it. A lot. I live 2000 miles away from my hometown and I do what I have to to keep in touch but once I’m home, I forget I even have a phone and it is the most euphoric feeling ever. Sitting in front of a TV together is NOT quality time to me and I couldn’t believe how hard it is to make some of my loved ones understand that. These posts really give me hope and I love this “More Social. Less Media.” movement you are starting!

  • Scott

    I quit texting in 2012. Stopped carrying a phone altogether last year. Now its a “home phone”.
    A few friends said “your hard to reach”, I suggested they are incorrect – they are too easily “reached”.
    I have found anxiety emanates from knowing everything, from everywhere about everyone all at once!
    A exorbitance for a human cannot happen without meaningful interaction.
    you are not alone. You are not “wrong”.
    I have found that removing texting has added friction -and filtered out the useless “lol’s, and “pics of lunch….

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