Important Reminder: There is No Cliff!

I need reminders sometimes.

I manage to forget even radically transformative ideas and need a nudge back on track occasionally (like, say, maybe… hourly).

I’ve recently had several unsettling and powerful (and entirely unsolicited) conversations where I’m left with the distinct sensation of standing still in absolute darkness and being pushed forward by an unstoppable force. It’s not that much fun, since I can’t see what I’m being nudged toward and my fearful ego reeeeeeeeally dislikes the idea of stepping forward in the blackness.

“There could be a cliff! You could step on a snake, or twist your ankle, or smack your head into a rock face, or fall into molten lava. The horrors in the dark are unspeakable!”

My fearful ego, you may notice, tells colourful stories.

I reflected on this feeling, and realised this morning that the sensation of being forcefully, incrementally pushed forward was the exact same sensation that I recently described to my partner – that of being in the ocean and feeling the subtle lift of a big swell behind me, foreshadowing a larger ride to come.

And then it hit me … there is no cliff to fall off of because I’m already in the water!

Floating, riding the swell, immersed. Even though I can’t see where I’m going, I can’t fall.

The powerful force behind me is not malicious – it’s natural and beautiful, like a wave or a glacier or the wind.

And so, I’m working to embrace the movement I’m feeling.

My course might still be shrouded in darkness, but I cannot fall.

If you’re worried about not knowing where to go from here, remember this: there is no cliff!

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  • Keysa

    Thank you for this reminder! I love the water analogy. Beautifully written. I often have to remind myself to ride the wave of life, through high tide and low tide, through ebb and flow.

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