Read an Early Copy of The 4 Season Solution

It’s fall – time to slow down and enjoy the changing weather with a new book and steaming coffee.

To help support that experience, I’m giving away 100 early-release copies of my new book – The 4 Season Solution.

Rooted in ancestral health and human physiology, yet designed for our busy, modern lives, The 4 Season Solution is a blueprint for not just eating better, but living better.

After all, it only *starts* with food! (Well, maybe. I discuss this in Chapter Two.) Not long ago, almost all humans lived according to the changing seasons, adjusting how they slept, ate, moved, and even connected socially throughout the year. But today, we are more disconnected from the natural world than ever. We wake before the sun rises and go to bed long after it sets.

We eat tropical fruits in the dead of winter. We exercise in climate-controlled environments. We connect virtually instead of emotionally. Our lives are frenetic, stressful, and exhausting. In other words, we are living in a chronic summer, and it’s killing us.

Do you want to be one of the first 100 people to read it?

It releases in March 2020, but you can be part of a special group who reads it months before everyone else.

Just share 3 reasons why you want to read it, your first name, email, and your physical mailing address. I’ll choose 100 readers from all the entries, notify you by email, and mail you a physical copy of the book. Unfortunately, I can’t ship them outside the US and Canada. Sorry, international friends.

If you’re one of the 100 early readers, you’re also part of a special group I’ll reach out to for feedback and discussions. You can share which parts of the book were the most useful and interesting to you, and that will guide my future research, writings, and podcast appearances during the launch of the new book.

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