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The book launches on March 10 and is rooted in ancestral health and human physiology, yet designed for our busy, modern lives. The 4 Season Solution offers everyone a new, sustainable model for living in sync with the natural world. And with spring 2020 just a few weeks away in the Northern Hemisphere, it’s the ideal time to pick up the model and run with it. 

Spring is one of the easier, more enjoyable seasonal transitions and your behavior will change on its own in many ways. So with a few key insights, you can use the momentum of spring to make some small (but big) changes that could influence the way you live the rest of your life. 

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Not long ago, our ancestors lived according to the changing seasons, adjusting how they slept, ate, moved, and even socialized throughout the year. Seasonal living has always worked, The 4 Season Solution demystifies some of the “Whys” behind what made sense to generations of humans before us and gives you an approachable model for seasonal living that works in the modern world.

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