The cartography of living well …

A road map is a gift.

Turn-by-turn directions is a gift of handcuffs.

Living well is a long series of politely declining someone else’s driving directions, and instead examining the map for yourself, figuring out where you are and then where you want to go, and then… going there. At your own speed and on your own schedule. (Hint: it’ll always work out differently than you think.)

If you find solace in someone else’s mandated directions, it’s probably because you don’t know where you are or where you want to go, or because you don’t have a map.

I have no interest in becoming the voice that tells you where to go and on which roads to drive to achieve that, but I’m thrilled and honoured to give the gift of a small and rudimentary map.

That is my life’s work: the cartography of living well.

Go exploring, my friends.

The world is bright and beautiful.

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  • Drew

    I don’t know much. I’m still figuring out where my life is headed. Slowly but surely I’m making small, positive changes. I would never want to replicate someone else’s life, but I really do thoroughly appreciate rudimentary directions to give me ideas. It’s like a recipe: try it out, make it your own.

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