The power of questions vs. “expert answers”

It’s easy to get obsessed with expert answers instead of asking our own questions and following our own inquiry.

In this episode of The Living Experiment, we talk about the value of an inquiry-based approach to living, instead of always focusing on answers.

Give it a listen if you’re curious about how to “live in the questions.”

Questions – Episode 90 – The Living Experiment Podcast

“Questions” Episode Highlights

  • The power of questions (vs. “expert answers”) in shaping your choices and responses
  • Using inquiry to slow the rush of emotions and judgment when things go awry
  • Dallas’s recent experience with questioning just about everything he believes in
  • Acknowledging and finding comfort in the fact that most of us — including people who appear to have it all together — are fumbling around most of the time
  • The value (and uncertainty) that comes from asking questions without clear answers
  • Marilee Adams Ph.D.’s Choice Map, and the Learner and Judger paths available to us at any time
  • Letting go of what we think we know and embracing mystery and magic
  • The power of asking “What if …” in exploring our choices and plans
  • What we can learn from asking other people questions, especially people we don’t know well
  • The questions Dallas and Pilar are sometimes afraid to ask themselves
  • Helpful and not-so-helpful questions, confirmation bias, and the hazards of clinging to answers
  • Abandoning our assumptions and asking what’s calling us

Listen to Questions: Episode 90: The Living Experiment Podcast

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  • Jac

    It helped to re-listen to this episode. I forgot that (when this was recorded) you were in the middle of questioning your direction, while simultaneously being told to move. That resonated with me in my current season of life, being called to move, and uncertain of which direction I am moving. Thank you for sharing, and for reminding me to live in the questions.

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