Welcome to Spring Equinox 2020 … everything’s changed

Hi, friends. Everything’s changing all at once—how we live, work, eat, travel, and connect with everyone around us. Stressors are through the roof and living well seems a hell of a lot harder than it did a week ago. And, some people are getting sick. And, I started my day with a 5.7 earthquake (!!) yesterday morning.

It feels like a bad apocalypse movie. Even so, it’s important not to panic. It’s vital we do everything we can to keep our family, friends, and communities safe. It’s also vital that we find ways to connect with nature, ourselves, and those close to us in healthy ways, manage our stress, and support our immune systems.

Thankfully, today is the Spring Equinox in the northern hemisphere—a time of rebirth, regeneration, and celebration of light throughout human history. Spring is one of the easiest seasonal transitions for our bodies. Gardens start to grow fresh foods again, the days get brighter and warmer, and historically, we’ve gotten to refresh our connection with the natural world and people in it.

But, we’re all dealing with some form of immunological (social) distancing. And that’s really hard on humans. If you’re healthy enough to be reading this, here are a few ways to stay connected and support your immunity right now:

  • Focus on your anchor connections—the people who really matter in your life. Not sure who that is? Notice whose health you’re concerned about and who you’re changing behaviors for. Figure out how to stay connected with them.
  • Get strict about your screen time—especially right before bed. Don’t read the news or track updates online for at least 1-2 hours before sleep (unless you absolutely have to). Tell your friends and family when you’re available to respond.
  • Start your day with natural light. Being cooped up is more than just a terrible feeling; it also causes a problematic “light deficiency”. If you can safely go outside, go into nature. If you can’t, open your window and soak in natural light for 10 minutes every morning.

There’s a lot more info that might help you in my new book. And, I hope you focus on your health and your people first. 

I just recorded a new Feel Better Live More podcast with Dr. Chatterjee and a live video episode of the Living Experiment with Pilar. And, I’ll share more soon. Stay tuned.

Also, I’m curious. How are you staying connected right now?

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